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Parents for Youth has acquired and developed an effective method for dealing with children with severe behaviour problems.

This program, based on knowledge and experience gained from parents in group therapy sessions over the past fifteen years will assist in the rehabilitation of your youth. These children bend all the rules. They resist treatment because they do not perceive themselves as having a problem. Under current law, in most cases, troubled youth can refuse treatment.

Our parent-oriented approach is successful because parents have the love and committment required to be effective. Parents help each other to cope with crisis and soon develop objectivity about their youth. As unrealistic hopes and dreams fade, parents no longer feel responsible for their childrens' problems. They gain self-esteem and confidence.

The parents report that the group experience empowers them to parent in an appropriate way. Most youths respond well and become productive members of society.

With the Parents for Youth program, you will learn what works for other parents in a caring group setting and how to deal with the pain and fear which makes you ineffective with your youth. Parents learn to set limits for their out of control teens and to follow through with consequences if those limits are not met. These new skills will enable you to respond to your teenagers' behaviour effectively.

Support groups of 12 parents, led by a trained facilitator, meet weekly for 90 minutes.

Parents for Youth also offers support groups for parents of difficult children 6 - 12 years of age.
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"Dr. Harvey Armstrong conducts support groups for parents of anti-social youths and has been very successful in, indirectly, changing the behaviour of some of these adolescents, through the support of the parents, to act in more appropriate ways."
Dr. Susan J. Bradley
Chief of Psychiatry
Hospital for Sick Children
"Everyone blamed me, the parent for my son's behaviour. Through the group, I learned that my son was responsible for his actions, not me; and so he must be accountable, not me!"
Mr. D.T. - Father
"We tried many times to help our daughter through family therapy sessions and it never worked because she was not a meaningful participant. Today she is functioning well thanks to Parents for Youth."
Mrs. M.M. - Mother
"Thanks to the group, our family is intact and well. No mean feat!"
Mr. & Mrs. G.T. - Parents
Peggy Grigor is facilitating Parents for Youth groups in York Region, with offices in downtown Aurora, Ontario.  New groups are forming now.  To apply for an assessment, call: (416) 921-8092 or visit the Parents for Youth web site.
Bright, Charming, Manipulative, Selfish, Abusive, Truant or Failing, Lying, Cheating, Stealing

Confused, Angry, Sad, Frantic, Feeling Guilty


Today there is a growing number of kids who are living a destructive, anti-social lifestyle and many have caring, committed parents.  Influencing rebellious youth today has become a daunting task for parents, schools, social agencies, police and the courts.  Your child needs you to be strong and caring more than ever.
Parents for Youth will help you regain lost authority in your home.

Executive Director
Dr. Harvey Armstrong

1366 Yonge Street, Suite 208
Toronto, Ontario M4T 3A7
Telephone (416) 921-8092
Fax (416) 921-0747

For further information and fees, call: (416) 921-8092 or visit the Parents for Youth web site.
Parents for Youth web site
Parents for Youth web site
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